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Functional, efficient, and clean sanitary systems
combined with hygiene and a professional infrastructure.


Whether it's a festival or a sporting event - it's an indescribable moment when thousands of people come together, listen to music, celebrate, drink, and eat. But amidst all the rock'n'roll, certain bodily needs also need attention at unforgettable events. Efficient and clean sanitary systems are therefore indispensable and prepare your extraordinary event for life's ordinary necessities.

For you to party with peace of mind, detailed planning and comprehensive consultation are essential. We implement a holistic sanitation concept tailored specifically to your desires. Our range of services extends from conceptualizing and implementing sanitary facilities for large-scale events, event catering, multi-day festivals with up to 80,000 visitors, to city festivals and corporate events. You can choose between our all-inclusive packages and individual service models. We prioritize hygienic conditions and functional water logistics, providing you with the necessary materials, transportation, and our trained cleaning and service personnel. Our installation team ensures a smooth setup of the water infrastructure through timely delivery of sanitary facilities and professional on-site handling. Flexibility in execution, friendly staff, a structured process, and the right service offerings ensure comfort and satisfaction for you and your guests. A coordinated hygiene concept also provides the necessary safety.


Our Service

- Installation of temporary water infrastructure
- Site inspections and analysis of local conditions
- Development of water supply and wastewater concepts
- Rental of vandal-proof sanitary units
- Pipeline construction
- Freshwater and wastewater management
- Cleaning and service personnel

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Clean! Whether it's a music festival, city celebration, or sports event - where many people gather outdoors, there's collective celebration, drinking, and eating. To ensure the fun doesn't stop when nature calls, we offer thoughtful sanitation solutions and an efficient water infrastructure - tailored individually to the size and nature of your event. Our products are available both individually, such as well-maintained shower facilities, hygienic drinking water stations, and comfortable WC containers with the corresponding pumping and piping technology, as well as bundled in functional modular solutions. We make your event a clean experience.convenient toilet containers with the associated pump and pipe technology as well as bundled in functional modular solutions. We turn your event into a clean experience.

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Full Service.

Sanitation is our business. You can confidently entrust planning, organization, setup and dismantling, installation work, and cleaning services into our hands. Our full-service package covers all steps - from planning to craftsmanship. We accompany you from the initial bureaucratic steps to a fully functional sanitation camp. Efficient transportation of drinking and utility water, as well as proper wastewater disposal, are part of our services. We also handle the hygienic supply and monitoring of all technical facilities. Our trained cleaning and service personnel are available around the clock for you.

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Ready set go! We're always there when it comes to supplying your event with safe and reliable drinking water. We work with you to develop the most efficient solutions for a sustainable and functional water infrastructure for your event. Our dedicated installation team ensures timely delivery and proper setup of sanitary facilities, takes care of the commissioning and maintenance of pumping and piping technology, and installs drinking water and wastewater tanks. Sampling and quality assurance of drinking water are also expertly handled by us.