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Customized merchandise
for lasting memories.


" Sweatpants Are A Sign of Defeat. You Lost Control of Your Life So You Bought Some Sweatpants!" (Karl Lagerfeld)

Who could contradict the fashion icon when it comes to stylistic assessments of individual clothing items like the now legendary sweatpants? The answer is: We do!

A festival without the signature shirt or retro cap is now as unthinkable as the corresponding outfitting of staff with uniform and visible workwear that merges with the brand. Connecting a festival, various artists, or an event with individually crafted merchandise products is one of our core competencies, contributing its part to the sustainable success of an event, enabling the long-term presence of a brand. FKP Eventservice offers a 360-degree full-service that starts with target group and needs analysis and ends with the delivery of ordered goods to customers' doorsteps.

By the way, it is not documented that Karl Lagerfeld actually uttered the phrase about sweatpants. Therefore, we share at least a passion for fashion with the good old Karl but, of course, also offer sweatpants.


Our services:

- Implementation of merchandise solutions at events
- Individual design and planning of merchandise items
- A network of various producers and graphic designers
- Management of the online shop and shipment of goods


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Product planning

We provide trend-oriented design and product planning, ranging from classic T-shirts and individual hoodies to recycled fanny packs or stylish flip-flops. We draw on a network of various producers and graphic designers who support our in-house team with ideas. Whether embroidered, screen-printed, digitally printed, sewn as a patch, or woven onto socks, the premise is always to prioritize the sustainability factor.


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We take care of the entire management of your shop, which includes shipping, inventory management, and payment services, as well as the integrated CRM system allowing for targeted customer communication. Synergies arise in this context through the integration of your shop into our overall portfolio, without requiring you to forgo individual integration on your platforms.

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Our technical implementation at the event includes not only complete production planning but also the execution and follow-up of your event. For merchandise sales, we rely on a large pool of simultaneously qualified and experienced booth personnel. We always utilize the latest payment methods, offering options in both cash and cashless transactions while adhering to the highest security standards.