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In the right place at the right time - our logistics
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Safety First!

A well-thought-out infrastructure helps streamline event operations, ensure the safety of attendees and prevent delays. Clear signage, ample seating, accessible entrances, and clean sanitary facilities also contribute to the overall positive experience of participants.

Our concept combines all services supporting the infrastructure of an event, from storage and management to transport logistics and the rental of materials. In logistics and production, our core competencies include disposition, picking, control of material inputs and outputs, as well as cleaning, maintenance and inventory management. With our extensive experience in the industry, we are also happy to develop customized solutions for your specific needs.

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With us, it's more than just storage. We are passionately committed to preserving each material with the utmost care and expertise. We have various storage spaces with permanent access throughout Germany. We also take care of inventory, sorting, picking, labeling, packaging, and set formation of materials. Additionally, we handle all maintenance, repair, and cleaning tasks, allowing you to plan worry-free.


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Dry hire

Through our specialization in events, we offer a unique selection of rental items specifically developed for indoor and outdoor areas. Whether it's emergency exit banners, heavy-duty flooring, directional signage, or seating – your event is always perfectly equipped with our materials. Additionally, our materials support the control of visitor flows and event security.


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Delayed transports can significantly impact the success of an event. In the worst-case scenario, the entire execution of the event is at risk. We ensure that your materials are always delivered on time and ready for use. Even with spontaneous requests, we are happy to assist with flexible deliveries.