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Make your event an unforgettable


The first impression counts. 

A well-crafted visual concept not only influences the atmosphere and perceived quality of an event for all participants but also shapes the event's image through word of mouth and social media, reaching potential attendees. In this way, thoughtful decoration can increase the visibility of an event, contribute to brand building, and positively impact the economic success of an event.
That's why we, with our highly specialized team, develop individual design concepts for visitor, VIP, and backstage areas that captivate your guests in a lasting way. Whether it's impressive architectural structures, inviting lounge areas, or appealing stage designs, we create an atmosphere that turns your event into an unforgettable experience.

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Concept development

Customized! We specialize in event decoration. Whether it's entrance gates, lettering, photo spots, lounge areas, or stage decoration, our ideas can transport your guests into a new world. We enjoy crafting customized modules as well as comprehensive decoration concepts tailored specifically to the requirements and interests of your target audience, implementing them in a resource-efficient manner.

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Full Service

Every good idea is only as good as its practical implementation. In addition to decoration conception, we are also happy to take care of research, planning, permits, set-up and dismantling, scheduling, logistics, and all other related services as part of our full-service offering, allowing you to relax and enjoy the experience.

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Dry Hire 

With our specialization in event decoration, we offer a wide selection of unique products specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor areas. From disco balls and string lights to wooden lettering and stage coverings, we provide various products available for straightforward dry hire, ensuring that your event captures all the attention.